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Thinking of Selling Your Home? Here's A Checklist You Don't Want To Miss


Thinking of Selling Your Home? Here's A Checklist You Don't Want To Miss

When it comes time to sell your home, the to-do list can feel overwhelming. We’re sharing 6 principle tasks to focus on to ensure a successful home sale.

1. Hire a Local Real Estate Agent
A knowledgeable local real estate agent understands your specific market and will do what is necessary to get your home sold for top dollar.

2. Improve Your Curb Appeal
You only get one opportunity to make a first impression. Mow the lawn, add colorful flowers, repaint your front door, etc. The outside of your house can entice prospective buyers to come in and gives a good indication of the home’s overall condition.

3. Declutter Your Living Spaces
If the house is overflowing with stuff, buyers might worry that the house won’t have ample space for their own belongings. Minimize your ‘stuff’ as much as possible and put it into boxes. This will make your home feel larger and help potential buyers envision the space with their own belongings.

4. Depersonalize Your Space

Remove all personal items like family photos, kids artwork, and furniture that might make the home seem less appealing to the general public. The goal is to create a blank canvas for buyers.

5. Repaint Your Walls to Neutral Colors

It’s the seller’s job to help buyers picture themselves in the house. If they don’t feel at home, they’ll probably will look at other home options. Neutral colors will appeal to more people.

6. Stage Your Home

A Home Staging Company will evaluate the current condition and belongings in your house and determine what elements might raise the bar. Stagers know the real estate market and what sells, so it’s important to take their advice. Try not to take offense at their recommendations. Their job is to help drum up interest from potential buyers, which is always good news to the seller.

Have more questions about selling your home? We’d love to help! Please reach out with any questions. For more info on Selling with The Jule Team, click here!