Short Term Rentals

Owner-Occupied Short Term Rentals are properties where the owner resides and rents out part or all of their home for short periods. These can include renting out a single room, a basement suite, or the entire house when the owner is away.

Non-Owner Occupied
Short Term Rentals

Non-Owner Occupied Short Term Rentals are properties that the owner does not reside in and are exclusively used for short term rentals. These can include vacation homes or investment properties purchased specifically for short term rental purposes.

The Jule Team Advantage

At The Jule Team, we specialize in assisting our clients with purchasing short term rentals in Middle Tennessee. We have both extensive personal and professional experience with investment properties in the region. Whether you're considering buying land, a short term or a long term rental property, we can assist.

According to the Nashville Business Journal, Nashville was named one of the best cities in the US to open an Airbnb. We are ready to assist you in reviewing and analyzing properties to get the most return. We work hard to stay in the know with all commercial and residential developments happening in our area.

Investing in a short term rental property can be a profitable venture, and with the right guidance and expertise, you can navigate the process with ease. Contact The Jule Team today to start your investment journey in Middle Tennessee's thriving short term rental market.

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