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Top Questions To Ask When Interviewing A Moving Company


Top Questions To Ask When Interviewing A Moving Company

Planning a move this summer? When hiring a moving company, it’s important to ask several questions to ensure they are reliable, trustworthy, and capable of meeting your specific needs. Making sure you’re hiring the right company will help make the stressful process of moving a little less painful and a little more predictable.

Here are some essential questions to ask when you’re interviewing a moving company:

  1. Are you licensed and insured?
  2. How long have you been in the moving business?
  3. Can you provide references or customer testimonials?
  4. Do you specialize in local or long-distance moves?
  5. Will you provide a written estimate? Is it binding or non-binding?
  6. What factors affect the final cost of the move?
  7. Do you require a deposit, and what is the payment schedule?
  8. What are your cancellation or rescheduling policies?
  9. Will you handle the entire move or subcontract any part of it?
  10. How do you ensure the safety of my belongings during the move?
  11. Do you provide packing materials, and is packing/unpacking included in the service?
  12. Will you disassemble and reassemble furniture, and is there an additional cost?
  13. Do you have any restrictions on items you won’t move?
  14. How do you handle damages or lost items during the move?
  15. What is the process for filing a claim?
  16. What is the expected timeline for the move?
  17. What measures do you take to protect homes and buildings during the move?
  18. How do you handle difficult access, such as stairs or narrow doorways?
  19. Will there be a dedicated point of contact throughout the moving process?
  20. Are your employees background checked and professionally trained?

These questions will help you gather important information about the moving company’s qualifications, policies, and procedures, allowing you to make an informed decision when choosing the right company for your move. Have more questions about best practices when moving? Please reach out! We’re here to help.