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Why Don't Homes In The South Have Basements?


Why Don't Homes In The South Have Basements?

If you live in the Midwest, Northeast, or West, your home probably has a basement. But you probably don’t have one if you live in the South (although you may have a tornado shelter instead).

If you’ve recently moved from the basement-free South to another region — or have just transplanted to a Southern state — you may be wondering what’s going on.

The reason is that Southern states like Florida and Louisiana have a higher water table, which results in too much water in the soil. There’s usually less than three feet between the ground’s surface and groundwater. However, homes in Northern and some Western regions have foundations below the frost line to help prevent freezing water pipes. Since the frost line in these regions is usually several feet below ground, this often makes basements a necessary feature.

Houses in the South have a frost line closer to the surface, making it unnecessary to build deeper. Plus, some Southern states have a shallow layer of soil on top of limestone bedrock. Limestone is hard to dig into, and the extra expense and work make basements less popular.

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